Edward I

Edward was the son of Arthur I. He was christned as Edward William Louis.

===Early Life=== 

Edward was a shy lad and very cautious. He was born in 682 AD. He was not very religous and was often described as frail and shy. He was brought up knowing his father could die at any time.


When Edward became King at age 12, the realm was engulfed with a wave of catholics. Edward was under regency due to his young age. At the age of 16, he broke away from the regents and began to rule alone. At age 19, in 703 AD, he wed and prepared to have an heir. A son was born 1 year later. 


Edward and his entire family were assasinated. On March 12th 705 AD, Edward and his family were sleeping late at night, when a catholic named Stephen attacked and stabbed them to death. Edward struggled, but was overwhelmed from 15 stab wounds and died. His last words, "Lord, recieve my spirit!" and "Faevo Faevo!" (help in latin) He was in a pool of blood and his wife was thrust through the heart. His son was beheaded. Stephen immediattly burned Edward and his family and usurped the throne quickly in 705 AD.

The knife that ended Edward's life.