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Henry I, kinda looks like "Crookback" eh?

Early LifeEdit

Henry I was born in 585 AD and was very kind. He became a christian at age 12. He nearly escaped being burned at the stake, were it not for a reprieve/request by the Byzantine Empire for his life to be spared temporarily. He spent 7 years on death row before his mother pleaded for him to be released. This his father granted, on condition that Henry renounce his faith. When he refused, he was whipped and lost the sight of his right eye wih a red hot iron.

The Coup D' EtatEdit

Henry Charles Arthur, to give him his full title at the age of 21 led a revolt against his father and overthrew him after 8 months of violence in 606 AD on December 2nd. He himself supervised his father's trial and subsequent execution and turned 22 on December 11th. 


Henry became king at the age of 22 and officially took control after his father's hanging. Henry ruled for 32 years and took a queen at age 24. His heir was born, a son, 4 years later in 613 AD. Tragically, the son: Edward William Timothy Louis died at the age of 2. Devastated, Henry had a daughter a year later. Henry ruled with justice and love, but became arrogant and stiff after his 41st birthday. He built a royal cemetery of tomb chests outside Goldstone in the churchyard and had all monarchs that had been buried in the abbey reburied in tomb chests above ground. 


Henry sickened and died of a winter chill in 640 AD just after Christmas.