Red Headed Young Man

King Louis I

The 1st King of Southwark, ruled 20 years.

Early LifeEdit

Louis was born around 463 AD, shortly before the roman empire broke up in 476. Louis grew up in a athesitic home in Rome, Italy. His actual name was Corneius Marcellus (last name unknown). At age 13, he converted to christianity. 

Founding SouthwarkEdit

24 years passed...the roman empire had broken up and modern England was shredded with invading saxons. Louis led 40,000 people over to England and settled near what would later become Shrewsbury. A town was built and a Motte and Bailey Castle established. 


On May 12th 500 AD, Louis was appointed King Louis I and crowned at the age of 37 with a olive wreath and a gold toga.


Despite a 20 year rule of love, Louis died at the age of 58. He was cremated.


The original Motte and Bailey Southwark palace from an old woodcut