Tristram I in execution robe

Early LifeEdit

Tristram was born in 559 AD. He grew up athesist and refused to accept Jesus as his savior. He was christened Tristram Alexander Louis. He was cold and stern, rather cruel and not very pleasant to talk with.

As KingEdit

250px-Royal mantle of Sebia

Tristram's coronation robe

Tristram was crowned king at the age of 13 and assumed full goverment authority at once. He was almost instantly instigating laws that banned christianity. Christians were sought out and executed, a total of 342 died under his lash, mostly by hanging and burning. Tristram ruled for 35 years. He wed a young maiden named Katherine in 584 AD and had a son in 585. His rule was one of a tyrant, much like Hitler and Germany.


Tristram was overthrown by his son in late 606 AD and brought to trial for murder and modern day crimes against humanity.He was sentenced to death by hanging and was refused the option of beheading. On a chilly January 1st 607 AD, Tristram walked to the scaffold and was hung until dead as the clock struck 2. The drop fell at 2: 15 p.m. His last words, "I die a king!"

The drop is pulled on Tristram