Matthias was a very mysterious and a fervently catholic youth. He was probably born in Kent, England that much is known for certain. His family records have been lost, but he was about 14 when Arthur XII's execution date arrived. Arriving in Southwark during the royal trial, Matthias resolved to do whatever he could to die with Arthur, because he had no friends or family, and Arthur XII had met him before. Matthias was 12, and Arthur 21. The two formed a friendship, but Matthias elected not to journey back to Southwark with the young king, living in solitude in Kent. When news of the guilty verdict and death sentence reached him, he rode to Southwark and arrived there the night before Arthur's execution. He hid in a cave that night, and soon the fatal morning arrived, the next day in fact. Wearing a crucifix, and dressed in a black robe with a white cape, Matthias hastened to the square, and arrived before everyone else, at 6:35 am. He stood near the scaffold and waited. The crowds paid no attention to him. When Arthur XII finally knelt at the block at 11:00 am, Matthias made his move. With a leap, he leapt up the scaffold steps, and declared his intent to die with the monarch. Initially, the executioner hesitated to do the deed, but was persuaded after Matthias told him that Arthur was his friend and there was no family or friends for him. After witnessing Arthur's death while still standing, it was time. Matthias ended his life's words by saying the rosary and the Lord's prayer. Matthias then knelt bared his neck on the block stained with Arthur's blood. The ax fell, and it was over in 1 stroke.