Margaret in yellow

1st Queen of Southwark. 

Early LifeEdit

Margaret was born as Maragaret Alexandra Katherine in 522 AD. She became a christian at age 5. Magaret was easygoing and loose, and somewaht reckless. 


In 550 Ad, at the young age of 

Goldstone Abbey

28, Magaret was crowned Queen. She was the 1st queen and was crowned in yellow and white. At the age of 32, she decided that southwark needed a better church, the old one was a wreck. Under her direction, Goldstone Abbey, which was where all monarchs were crowned and buried after her was built. It took 5 years to make. Magaret wed at age 35 and bore a son 2 years later.


Magaret died in 573 Ad at age 50 of Tubercoulsis and age and was buried in Goldstone, the other monarchs were reburied there too.