Stephen II coronation picture

Became king at a very young age.

Early LifeEdit

Growing up with a murderer and usurper was not easy. Born in 697 AD, Stephen Arthur William Edward was not ready for the gigantic task that lay before him. He was shy, frail and sickly and was dressed almost always in black.


Stephen became king in 705 at at the young age of 8. He was crowned in a small ceremony. The shy monarch was under a council of regents until his 18th year. The frail monarch's minority was very calm and peaceful. Upon attaining majority rule, he ruled with mercy and justice and wed at age 20. The weak ruler often mangaged governent affairs from his chambers. At age 22, as son was born to the royals, which was rejoiced about considerably. After this, the realm grew and prospered greatly throughout his rule.


Stephen grew ill with TB at the age of 42 and shortly after his 44th birthday, after a rule of 35 years, in 740 AD died. 

Richard II King of England

Stephen II at age 18 or so