Queen Victoria I

Early LifeEdit

Victoria was born only 1 year after her young brother she never knew died. She was now the heir apparent to the throne. She grew up kind and became a christian at age 11. 


Following the death of her father, Victoria became Queen at age 23. She was a tenderhearted and just ruler for 40 years. Victoria married at the age of 27 but still held full power of the goverment. She ruled wisley, but a yellow fever epidemic put a toll on her reputation. 1400 died and Victoria grew ill as well. She was crippled with fever for life but retained a strong rule. Her 1st child was a stillborrn and her 2nd a miscarriage. Her 3rd was a son, born when Victoria was 33.

Final Illness and deathEdit

At the age of 63, in 690 AD, Victoria fell ill with pnemounia and died. Her final words: " I die a queen, and I go to meet my God!"